Online Coaching and Programs

One-On-One Coaching

The program will include

  • Weekly check ins
  • Support via email 24/7

Training program will be based on

  • Your experience
  • Your goals
  • Areas you want to improve on
  • Your access to equipment…

Macro Consult

The Macro Consult Program by Katherine Vergara will not only provide you a suggested daily macronutrient target but it will also provide you a basic guide about Flexible Dieting so you can keep adjusting your macronutrients on your own.

The program will include

  • Basic information about Flexible Dieting
  • Daily macronutrient targets..

The Glute Program

The Glute Program by Katherine Vergara focuses on building and shaping the glutes. It will teach you how to properly warm up and activate your glutes before each lower body training session.

This program will not only help you achieve your physique goals but it will also help you build strength, break personal records, and teach you a variety of exercises..