One-On-One Coaching

The program will include:

  • Weekly check ins.
  • Support via email 24/7.

Training program will be based on:

  • Your experience.
  • Your goals.
  • Areas you want to improve on.
  • Your access to equipment (gym or home version).

Cardiovascular program will include:

  • Cardio protocol.
  • Descriptions of cardio training types.

Nutrition program will include:

  • Intro to Flexible Dieting.
  • Daily macronutrient targets (it is a customized program, no a cookie cutter plan!).
  • A list of food choices.
  • Vitamin and mineral requirements and how to achieve them through your diet.
  • Recommendations on favorite supplements.

Important Note

Due to high volume of applicants, I have to be very selective with what clients I take on. I want to be able to give every client my undivided attention the best that I can. Please fill out the inquiry form below if you are interested in working with me.
**Please note that all information provided is 100% confidential. I do ask for 100% honesty, but rest assured that all information given to me is completely confidential**